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Puralytics uses patented photochemical water purification in products like the reusable SolarBag water purifier and the Shield UV LED systems to destroy contaminants like bacteria viruses pesticides pharmaceuticals and volatile organic compounds No chemical additives are used and 100 of the wat

Puralytics Solarbag Water Purifier.

Product Description

The SolarBag is a sunlight activated water purifer that uses a light activated nanotechnology coated mesh to purify the water of toxic contaminants Water is purified by simply filling the

Solarbag Water Purifier - Backdoor Survival.

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Spotlight Item The Puralytics SolarBag Water Purifier is an easy to use water purification system that is lightweight and portable Where is really excels is in removing contaminants from water plus it can be used hundreds of time Highly recommended

Solarbag Water Purifier Puralytics.

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About Us Puralytics a water purification equipment company headquartered in Hillsboro Oregon has developed a patented photochemical water purification process using only light energy to activate an advanced nanotechnology photocatalyst

Puralytics Solarbag Water Purifier - Sportsman S News.

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Puralytics has taken the SODIS method a quantum step further with the creation of their SolarBag Water Purifier The SolarBag uses nanotechnology to enhance the power of the sun to kill micro-organisms viruses and bacteria more quickly while also removing heavy metals and toxins

Www Amazon Com.

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Puralytics Solarbag Test Report By Rick Dreher .

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Reviews Water Treatment Solar Puralytics SolarBag Test Report by Rick Dreher Product tested and reviewed in each Formal Test Report has been provided free of charge by the manufacturer to BackpackGearTest org

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